What is Lancaster Like to Live In?

When looking for a new property, there are many factors to consider, and the area is a high priority for many people. Lancaster is a beautiful city filled with a rich history and stunning surroundings. If you’re thinking of buying a property in Lancaster, you will probably be wondering what the area is like to live in.

During this exciting time of looking for a new home, you will want to familiarise with your new surroundings. At Fisher Wrathall, we have years of property expertise within Lancaster. So, if you’re thinking of buying a property in Lancaster and want to know more about what it is like to live in, we can help you.

A Little About Lancaster’s History

Lancaster has a fascinating and ancient history and is surrounded by natural beauty which boasts a regenerated riverside. The area homes Lancaster Castle, a Grade 1 listed building located in the centre of the city, on a hilltop which is famous for being the site of three successive Roman forts.

The castle has a long and fascinating history. The infamous Pendle Witches were held and tried here in 1612. Lancaster’s Crown Court is the oldest working courtroom in Britain which is still used as a court and prison today.

Lancaster may be a small city, but it is easily explorable with a variety of museums to keep your days filled. The most popular museums to visit are the City Museum in the Market Place, the Judges Lodgings and the Maritime Museum.

Schools Within the Area

Schools in Lancaster are an appealing factor to families. Education for children is a hugely important factor to consider and Lancaster homes a number of top quality schools. The top three highest rated schools include Lancaster Girls’ Grammar School, Lancaster Royal Grammar School and Ripley St Thomas Church of England Academy.

Lancaster Girls’ Grammar School boasts an outstanding record of high school achievements which places the school as a leading state school nationally. Lancaster Royal Grammar School has been stated as a top state for boys in the North West by the Sunday Times and is one of the top Grammar schools in the UK. Ripley St Thomas schools over 1700 pupils and has been placed within the top 5% of secondary schools nationally.

The Different Types of Properties Available

There is a variety of properties available in Lancaster. This destination homes both old and new buildings available to rent and buy. There have been numerous older buildings which have been converted into new properties, the most recent being the Nurses quarters which has been renovated into 24 residential two-bedroom apartments.

These beautiful apartments, Bevan House and Nightingale House are located a minor five-minute walk from the busy city centre and only a short drive to the natural countryside. These flats are perfectly located for accessing local transport. The train and bus stations are within a 10-minute walk and the M6 is a short and easy drive away.

Bevan House and Nightingale House offer affordable flats which are available to purchase at just £140,000 through Fisher Wrathall.

If you’re thinking of moving to the historic city of Lancaster, we can provide you with friendly and professional advice on any property matter. We do all the hard work for you, helping you find the ideal property for you.




A Point of Perfection: Luxurious New Apartments Now Available in Lancaster

Do you recognise this building?

Pointer Court New Flat Exterior by Fisher Wrathall and Barberry

If you currently live in Lancaster or the surrounding area you may have passed this block once or twice before. They are situated opposite the, Royal Lancaster Infirmary. The building was previously used as Nurses quarters, owned by the local NHS trust. Barberry Properties Ltd. have recently purchased the building and renovated the 24 residential two-bedroom apartments.

Barberry have carried out full refurbishments, providing the market with 24 charming, spacious, turn-key apartments. The apartments- Bevan House and Nightingale House- are available to purchase at just £140,000- through Fisher Wrathall.

Pointer Court Bevan House and Nightingale House by Fisher Wrathall

The desirable apartments are suitable for all forms of purchasers. From a potential landlord looking for a low-maintenance investment, or an individual looking to get their first sturdy step onto the property ladder.

The apartments are sophisticated, luxurious and affordable.

The Newly Refurbished Flats at Pointer Court are sophisticated, luxurious and affordable The Newly Refurbished Flats at Pointer Court are sophisticated, luxurious and affordableThe Newly Refurbished Flats at Pointer Court come in a variety of different styles and layouts and furnishings The Newly Refurbished Flats at Pointer Court come in a variety of different styles and layouts


Bevan House and Nightingale House are just a five-minute walk from Lancaster’s vibrant city centre of and its amenities. Yet, they are also a short drive to the midst of the countryside. Thus, the apartments have the perfect balance of busy city centre and peace and quiet.

Furthermore, the Lancaster canal route is on the doorstep of these newly modernised apartments- perfect for a fresh countryside cycle or wander to one of the several canal-side locals.

Not only are these flats extremely convenient for local amenities, but access to the transport links couldn’t be easier. The M6 is just a short and simple drive away, and if you don’t drive, the train and bus stations are just a ten-minute walk away- with links to all major stations, you can travel anywhere quickly and efficiently.

 The Pointer Court apartments have the perfect balance of busy city centre and peace and quiet

Layout of Apartments

Bevan House and Nightingale House are both three storey buildings . The apartments vary in size and layout. All apartments profit from an open plan design, which brings plenty of benefits to the space.

All apartments profit from an open plan design, which brings plenty of benefits to the space

Not only are the apartments super spacious, but they are also super stylish.

Fisher Wrathall are now selling these on behalf of the developers. Why not call us at Fisher Wrathall to find out more about more of the fabulous features?

With the number of individuals renting accommodation on the rise, these apartments are a confident investment

With the number of individuals renting accommodation on the rise, these apartments are a confident investment.

If you wish to receive further information on Bevan and Nightingale House, please come and speak to one of our friendly, welcoming team at Fisher Wrathall.

Luxury and Stylish Layout of a Pointer Court Interior from Fisher Wrathall

Don’t forget that at Fisher Wrathall, we are essentially a one-stop-shop; we can do all the hard work for you- helping you to buy, helping you find the perfect tenant and also providing block management. It couldn’t be easier!

When is the Best Time to Buy a House?

Purchasing a new home is an extremely exciting time. Your mind runs away with the possibilities of what your new home will look like, and you naturally develop an intricate list of requirements and qualities that you are searching for.

Whilst doing so, it is easy to forget that you must consider what type of dream home you can actually afford.

We all want to get the most for our money – especially when it comes to such a large scale purchase. Finding your perfect home, whilst ensuring that you are purchasing it at its best price, is a tricky balancing act.

Classic House Roof

Here at Fisher Wrathall, we understand that one of the biggest questions you are going to ask yourself is when is the right time to purchase your new home. Is there a big secret to the art of finding the house of your dreams, at its lowest possible price?

Although there is no concrete answer, we have compiled a collection of hints and statistics that can help you make your decision when finally deciding to take make the big move.

Seasonal Suggestions

When beginning the search for a new home, we tend to look for statistics in the news which can give us the magic answer to this age-old question.

For sellers, many publications swear by the conventional wisdom that spring is the best time to put your home on the market. With the change in weather, buyers benefit from an uplift in motivation. In addition to this, the bright, fresh new weather will also ensure that the exterior of the new home is at its greatest selling potential.

But does this necessarily mean that buyers are going to get the best deal? Some think not, as the warmer weather allows sellers to aim for a higher price than at any other time of year.

This automatically allows the buyer to assume that Winter is going to be the best time to find a bargain. Although figures show that statistically on average more houses are sold in the summer, with fewer houses on sale during the winter, there is less competition which could potentially drive the price up, saving you valuable cash whilst procuring the home of your dreams.

Sold Home For Sale Sign

Affecting Factors

  • Personal circumstances

Circumstances within your personal life can massively affect whether the time is right for you to begin the search for a new home. Your children may be starting back at school, or you may be expecting the relatives for a short break – these factors are important to consider before you start the process, as you may find yourself prioritising other tasks over one which realistically, you should be devoting most of your efforts too.

  • Finance

With finances, assuring that all of your ducks are in a row, or that all of your finances are in order, is a hugely important consideration.

You may be waiting for a promotion at work, or you may be aware of an upcoming influx of cash. Alternatively, you may be aware that a substantial upcoming payment is looming – waiting for the best time to suit your lifestyle can minimise any potential last-minute stresses when it comes to managing your money.

For all things finance, we recommend Burton & Fisher for any essential advice that you may require. Their friendly team are more than happy to assist during what can be a confusing, and time-consuming time.

Buying a Home - Finances

  • Moving Timetable

Strategising the moving process can be a helpful task. Knowing when you need to be in your new home, how quickly you can sell your existing house, and when is going to be most convenient for you to move can create a much smoother transition period.

So why delay? If the time is right for you, you can begin your journey to finding your new beautiful home, today!

For more information, Contact us – our expert team can assist in finding the house of your dreams.

5 Top Tips for Successful Commercial Property Management

Are you wanting to become a successful commercial property manager? At Fisher Wrathall, we have extensive knowledge of the real estate industry, with experience handling the sale, letting and management of all commercial property types.

So, how can you become successful in this field? Here, we have compiled a list of five top tips to help you kick-start and achieve your success.

Exceptional Maintenance

One of the first things an individual will judge a building on is its appearance, so delivering exceptional maintenance is a high priority. Companies focus on motivating their workforce, boosting morale, and presenting an attractive company image, and a rundown building is the opposite of what they want. Well-maintained properties appear professional and presentable.

There are numerous areas of the property to check, ensuring it is in pristine condition, these include:

  • Walls
  • Flooring
  • Plumbing
  • Fixtures
  • Furnishings

Understanding of the Latest Technology

It is vital for property managers to understand how technologies work and anticipate any problems which may arise, so they can quickly offer solutions for their clients. By getting technologies before any competitor, it offers a highly effective way to attract higher paying clientele. This technology can range from security cameras to motion sensors to smart locks.

Upgrade Regularly

It is important for commercial properties to keep up to date with the times, offering clients the latest and greatest features, this includes secure surveillance and alarm systems.

Businesses thrive when they can rely on compact solutions, especially if their places of work can take care of much of the hassle of the day-to-day maintenance.

Effective Communication

Effective communication is vital for any business and career, and for your services to be successful, there needs to be a clear path for two-way communication between the tenants and the commercial property management team.

Property management often comes down to dealing with individuals, so excellent people skills and patience are all desirable traits to have.

Going Green

Intelligent and green buildings are the new doorway for commercial management property success. This new approach appeals to environmentally-friendly corporations, with economic benefits also. This keeps you ahead of regulation and legislation changes as businesses are expected to go greener. LEED-rated projects have energy-efficient layouts and low operating costs, which attracts cost-conscious business minds. So, going green is a highly positive factor for property managers.

Our Commercial Agency Service

Our efficient and professional service is combined with advice from experienced RICS Surveyors who have a wealth of knowledge of local contacts and markets within the Lancaster, Morecambe and surrounding district areas. Here is what you can expect from us:

  • Free market appraisal and initial consultation
  • Preparation of professional sales particulars
  • Extensive online advertising on our website and Rightmove Commercial
  • On site marketing board
  • Accompanied viewings
  • Proactive, tailored marketing via our extensive local knowledge and contacts
  • Negotiation with potential buyers/tenants
  • Personal service and professional advice throughout the sales and letting process

We can provide you with friendly and professional advice on any property matter, be it letting your property or renting a home. Please do not hesitate to contact our commercial and professional team on 01524 69922, to learn more about our services and how we can help you become a successful commercial property manager.

Alternatively, if you are an individual looking for flats or houses for rent in Lancaster, we can help you find your ideal property. Simply ring our residential sales team on 01524 68822 and a member of our team will be happy to help.