Two Respected Lancaster Brands: Fisher Wrathall and Northwood are Changing



Fisher Wrathall and Northwood

Standing strong, both Lancaster brands are locally respected, have national connections and have decided to continue their venture under the ownership and management of Mark Chenery, owner and manager of Northwood, Lancaster.

Together, they bring a number of combined strengths, creating a team incomparable to any within the industry:

  • An established record of success in the area
  • Quality personal service expected of owner-managed independent agents
  • Extensive experience of dealing with a wide range of property types

Changes in business can bring new energy and numerous benefits for all involved. Fisher Wrathall and Northwood have found a way to meet the changing demands of the current property market. They are both passionate about what they do, motivated and determined to make their new collaboration a success.

These are just some of the reasons why Fisher Wrathall have joined forces with locally respected and well-known estate agents Northwood.

Mike Fisher, Partner at Fisher Wrathall, has been in the property business in Lancaster since the early 1970s and is a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. He believes that it is important to keep up with constantly changing times within business; one of the reasons for this exciting and new change.

In his words: “It has never been more important to move with the times, which in 2018, means having day-to-day operational support and outstanding marketing tools. This can now only be achieved by being part of a larger organization. This is the way forward to bring maximum benefit to our clients. Going forward locally respected and nationally connected.”

With Northwood having offices all over the UK, reaching from as high up as Aberdeen all the way down to Cornwall, this statement has never been so true. By combining all our strengths and reach, we are sure to achieve great things together.

Mark Chenery is equally excited about the new venture and believes that both client bases will benefit greatly:

It is a very exciting and privileged moment to be part of the coming together of two renowned agents. Our clients will definitely benefit from the increased skill set of two incredibly experienced teams becoming one, as well as an increase in exposure and resources.”

Northwood Lettings and Fisher Wrathall Sales

Northwood Lettings and Fisher Wrathall Sales will be operating from 22 Market Street, Lancaster, from 11th July 2018. Mark Chenery’s view is the Market Street location provides a great position for the Northwood team to begin this adventure based in the city centre, easy to find, and offering a great, comfortable space for clients and visitors.

Fisher Wrathall Commercial

Fisher Wrathall Commercial was established in 1985 and will be continuing its long-standing success carrying on operating from 82 Penny Street; under the ownership of Michael and Jenny Fisher. It will be managed and led by Michael Fisher FRICS.

The team at Fisher Wrathall are excited to kick start this new venture and look forward to seeing what the future holds for all involved. They warmly invite all their clients to call in to their Commercial premises in Penny Street and to call in to Northwood’s new premises in Market Street.

If you would like to know more about any of our services as we move forward with this exciting collaboration, do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team who will be able to advise you in the best way possible – whether it’s finding a new home, letting a property, finding a tenant, block management or finding a commercial property – we will be happy to help as Fisher Wrathall and Northwood.


A Guide to Commercial Property Investment

Britain is a nation full of property investors. Many of us invest in property to give it a lick of paint, some modern features, and other favourable additions, and then either sell on for profit or let. While this seems like a great market to get into, how many people consider investing in commercial property instead?


The Benefits of Opting for Block Management

Are you living in, or about to move into a residential block of properties? If so, you might be interested in the reliable block management services from Fisher Wrathall.

You might be unhappy with the services that your current management is providing. Fisher Wrathall are here to help, and with many years’ experience we can potentially alleviate common stresses and discrepancies that can sometimes arise with the insufficient management of your residential block.

Regardless of whether the block is a block of flats or a collection of houses…we cover it all.

Get the keys to your property with Fisher Wrathall

Living in a Residential Property

Residential blocks are almost always made up of leasehold properties. Each property leaseholder (the owner) has a responsibility for shared or common parts of the site and pays either a monthly or annual sum into a common fund to meet these shared responsibilities.

This can be for general maintenance or for greater costs but ensures that your block is in tip-top condition at all times.

The fund is managed by your residential block’s own Company Directors that have previously been elected from among the leaseholders at the A.G.M. Each leaseholder usually holds a single share, enabling the management to be a fair, consolidated activity.

However, not all residents are shareholders; you need to be an owner and a leaseholder to own a share.

Looking For Help in Lancaster?

Increasingly, residential blocks employ agencies to manage the day to day affairs. This is often because directors and residents find block management a sometimes complex issue, particularly difficult whilst attempting to keep on top of their own busy lives – it can very quickly become a strain. The answer is clear – use a block management agent like Fisher Wrathall to find the perfect solution.

Working with Fisher Wrathall does not mean losing all control of your property. Directors and residents keep control of all of the decision making, with Fisher Wrathall on hand to offer advice and support when it is appropriate.

We, as the managing agent, will assist with implementing your decisions, will cover all administrative duties and will provide guidance to safeguard building standards and value.

Manage your building efficiently with Fisher Wrathall

It is due to these fantastic services that many continue to turn to Fisher Wrathall, who are a popular, respected Estate Agent in Lancaster. Through years of experience, the Block Management team are able to provide a completely comprehensive service, tailor-made to suit your situation.

We are approachable and friendly and can set your mind at ease with our wealth of extensive knowledge and reliability.

Here is a sample of some of the excellent services that we can provide:

  • Collecting service charges from leaseholders and collecting any arrears
  • Maintaining day to day accounts and income & expenditure statements
  • Producing year end accounts, annual spending estimates and budgets
  • Preparing an annual budget for the approval of the Ltd Company at its AGM
  • Administering Directors meetings and the AGM
  • Managing & arranging suitable building and directors & officers insurance
  • Carrying out site visits on a regular basis
  • Sourcing and engaging contractors as required
  • Fire and Health & Safety assessments
  • Additional services tailored to meet your needs

For more information on all things block management, contact us today.

What is Lancaster Like to Live In?

When looking for a new property, there are many factors to consider, and the area is a high priority for many people. Lancaster is a beautiful city filled with a rich history and stunning surroundings. If you’re thinking of buying a property in Lancaster, you will probably be wondering what the area is like to live in.

During this exciting time of looking for a new home, you will want to familiarise with your new surroundings. At Fisher Wrathall, we have years of property expertise within Lancaster. So, if you’re thinking of buying a property in Lancaster and want to know more about what it is like to live in, we can help you.

A Little About Lancaster’s History

Lancaster has a fascinating and ancient history and is surrounded by natural beauty which boasts a regenerated riverside. The area homes Lancaster Castle, a Grade 1 listed building located in the centre of the city, on a hilltop which is famous for being the site of three successive Roman forts.

The castle has a long and fascinating history. The infamous Pendle Witches were held and tried here in 1612. Lancaster’s Crown Court is the oldest working courtroom in Britain which is still used as a court and prison today.

Lancaster may be a small city, but it is easily explorable with a variety of museums to keep your days filled. The most popular museums to visit are the City Museum in the Market Place, the Judges Lodgings and the Maritime Museum.

Schools Within the Area

Schools in Lancaster are an appealing factor to families. Education for children is a hugely important factor to consider and Lancaster homes a number of top quality schools. The top three highest rated schools include Lancaster Girls’ Grammar School, Lancaster Royal Grammar School and Ripley St Thomas Church of England Academy.

Lancaster Girls’ Grammar School boasts an outstanding record of high school achievements which places the school as a leading state school nationally. Lancaster Royal Grammar School has been stated as a top state for boys in the North West by the Sunday Times and is one of the top Grammar schools in the UK. Ripley St Thomas schools over 1700 pupils and has been placed within the top 5% of secondary schools nationally.

The Different Types of Properties Available

There is a variety of properties available in Lancaster. This destination homes both old and new buildings available to rent and buy. There have been numerous older buildings which have been converted into new properties, the most recent being the Nurses quarters which has been renovated into 24 residential two-bedroom apartments.

These beautiful apartments, Bevan House and Nightingale House are located a minor five-minute walk from the busy city centre and only a short drive to the natural countryside. These flats are perfectly located for accessing local transport. The train and bus stations are within a 10-minute walk and the M6 is a short and easy drive away.

Bevan House and Nightingale House offer affordable flats which are available to purchase at just £140,000 through Fisher Wrathall.

If you’re thinking of moving to the historic city of Lancaster, we can provide you with friendly and professional advice on any property matter. We do all the hard work for you, helping you find the ideal property for you.




A Point of Perfection: Luxurious New Apartments Now Available in Lancaster

Do you recognise this building?

Pointer Court New Flat Exterior by Fisher Wrathall and Barberry

If you currently live in Lancaster or the surrounding area you may have passed this block once or twice before. They are situated opposite the, Royal Lancaster Infirmary. The building was previously used as Nurses quarters, owned by the local NHS trust. Barberry Properties Ltd. have recently purchased the building and renovated the 24 residential two-bedroom apartments.

Barberry have carried out full refurbishments, providing the market with 24 charming, spacious, turn-key apartments. The apartments- Bevan House and Nightingale House- are available to purchase at just £140,000- through Fisher Wrathall.

Pointer Court Bevan House and Nightingale House by Fisher Wrathall

The desirable apartments are suitable for all forms of purchasers. From a potential landlord looking for a low-maintenance investment, or an individual looking to get their first sturdy step onto the property ladder.

The apartments are sophisticated, luxurious and affordable.

The Newly Refurbished Flats at Pointer Court are sophisticated, luxurious and affordable The Newly Refurbished Flats at Pointer Court are sophisticated, luxurious and affordableThe Newly Refurbished Flats at Pointer Court come in a variety of different styles and layouts and furnishings The Newly Refurbished Flats at Pointer Court come in a variety of different styles and layouts


Bevan House and Nightingale House are just a five-minute walk from Lancaster’s vibrant city centre of and its amenities. Yet, they are also a short drive to the midst of the countryside. Thus, the apartments have the perfect balance of busy city centre and peace and quiet.

Furthermore, the Lancaster canal route is on the doorstep of these newly modernised apartments- perfect for a fresh countryside cycle or wander to one of the several canal-side locals.

Not only are these flats extremely convenient for local amenities, but access to the transport links couldn’t be easier. The M6 is just a short and simple drive away, and if you don’t drive, the train and bus stations are just a ten-minute walk away- with links to all major stations, you can travel anywhere quickly and efficiently.

 The Pointer Court apartments have the perfect balance of busy city centre and peace and quiet

Layout of Apartments

Bevan House and Nightingale House are both three storey buildings . The apartments vary in size and layout. All apartments profit from an open plan design, which brings plenty of benefits to the space.

All apartments profit from an open plan design, which brings plenty of benefits to the space

Not only are the apartments super spacious, but they are also super stylish.

Fisher Wrathall are now selling these on behalf of the developers. Why not call us at Fisher Wrathall to find out more about more of the fabulous features?

With the number of individuals renting accommodation on the rise, these apartments are a confident investment

With the number of individuals renting accommodation on the rise, these apartments are a confident investment.

If you wish to receive further information on Bevan and Nightingale House, please come and speak to one of our friendly, welcoming team at Fisher Wrathall.

Luxury and Stylish Layout of a Pointer Court Interior from Fisher Wrathall

Don’t forget that at Fisher Wrathall, we are essentially a one-stop-shop; we can do all the hard work for you- helping you to buy, helping you find the perfect tenant and also providing block management. It couldn’t be easier!